Introducing Reparteé

Join us for an intimate conversation with two leaders as we explore a unique theme in each episode.

Reparteé takes you inside the minds of today’s leaders.

Behind the platitudes. Beyond the sound bites. Repartee´ goes where no other leadership show goes.

Dinner and a little conversation

Unexpected pairings

Our first episode, Young CEOs, will feature two leaders who have found themselves in very different situations. One is a startup app. The other is a total re-launch of an existing brand and business. Both are passionate and share a conviction that they will play a special role in their respective industries.

Worldclass insights from a hometown city

Nashville sits at a crossroads of a resurgent Southern manufacturing economy, an ever-growing role in healthcare, and a pro-business tax structure that encourages innovation. Repartee guests come from across the US and from other nations, and we will share conversations that reveal our unique experience of innovation in the post-recession business climate.

An Innovative Collaboration

Reparteé is a production of three independent digital media and marketing leaders in Nashville, Tennessee.

Chris Raines

Chris Raines is the Creative Director of Bullhorn Media. Bullhorn is a Nashville-based video production company that specializes in short-form documentary and promotional films for businesses and cause-driven organizations.

Chris has traveled everywhere from Sacramento to Beijing, China producing video for clients world-wide. Bullhorn Media is the video partner of Reparteé. 

Chris lives in Nashville with his wife Sarah and their son Gideon. 

Michael Epps Utley

Michael Epps Utley is President of GoEpps providing online marketing using video and content marketing, advertising, and website development. GoEpps recently launched, a video production company serving healthcare, manufacturing, and other verticals.

Michael lives in East Nashville in Nashville with his wife Tracy and their four sons and serves Stratford STEM High School as a Corporate Partner & Academy Advisory Board Member and AERO Triathlon Club as Board Vice Chairman.

Bill Seaver

Bill Seaver is a marketing advisor, speaker and entrepreneur. After leaving an agency, he became Nashville's first social media consultant in 2007.
Over the last two years he's helped rebrand, reposition and launch companies with the understanding that marketing in today's business environment is very different from only a few years ago.
He is a cofounder of a new firm with a unique perspective of marketing called Everything Is Marketing Now. Bill resides in a suburb of Nashville with his wife and four children.

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